Help create an avenue for everyone

The North Avenue Corridor Pilot aims to create a safer North Avenue in order to
  • Support the needs of kids, parents, adults, and grandparents, business owners, shoppers, visitors, and workers.
  • Be safe and accessible for people walking, driving, riding busses, and biking to and from work, shopping, dining, sports, and school.
  • Be designed to reduce crashes, reduce speeding, reduce stress, increase comfort.
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Safety updates to include:
  • 4>3 lane conversion for safer conditions for people driving.
  • Center turn lanes to improve access for people to homes, businesses, schools, churches, and civic venues.
  • More cross-walks to make it safer for pedestrians.
  • Dedicated bike lanes for people biking.

The goal of this pilot is to see if we can make the Avenue safer and align it with our 21st century needs.

At the end of the day, we all want a better street and a better neighborhood that ensures that the kids, adults, and grandparents in the New North End (and Old North End) are safer, healthier, and wealthier.


The North Avenue Pilot Project has roots in state legislation, direction from City Council and the community, and the need to resolve high crash incidents.


A pilot is a way to test models, measure impacts, take input, and evaluate activities before any permanent changes are made.


What are the next steps in the pilot project? Lane striping will begin in spring/summer 2016.

Traffic Simulation

This simulation models vehicle traffic during the heaviest morning commute. Click PLAY and then click on the FULL SCREEN button on the bottom right for best viewing.

Your input is needed!

Now that the pilot has been running for a little while, it's time to weigh in! The Department of Public Works is collecting public input. An online survey will be available through October 2, providing data for City Council at their Oct. 17 meeting.

What would you improve about North Ave?

I would add more strategic crosswalks across the avenue for people who walk. I would increase the reliability and regularity of traffic patterns so that those entering the avenue from side streets could do so more predictably, hopefully slowing real car speeds down to the posted speed limit. I would also add a dedicated bike lane, preferably a protected one, so that people could more easily ride their bikes to access the many services available on the Ave.

Peter McConville