Where did this project come from?

The North Avenue Pilot Project has roots in state legislation, direction from City Council and the community, and the need to resolve high crash incidents.

  • The 2011 Burlington Transportation Plan (unanimously adopted by City Council) envisioned North Avenue as a Complete Street.
  • In 2011 the Vermont Legislature adopted Act 34, a transportation policy that considers all users and Complete Street principles.
  • In 2013 the City convened a planning study through the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission for the North Avenue Corridor between Plattsburg Avenue and North Street.
  • The North Avenue Corridor Study identified several segments of the corridor that are state-reported high crash locations.

Any transportation improvements on North Avenue need to consider safe access for all โ€“ people walking, driving, bicycling, and using public transit at any age and with any ability.

There are many ways to accommodate safe access for all users of a corridor, so the North Avenue Corridor Study solicited public feedback on the preferred improvements to North Avenue. The North Avenue Pilot Project is a short-term project from the Corridor Study โ€“ it can be completed in a short timeframe, it has the most potential to rebalance the corridor to better accommodate all users, and it has the most potential to reduce the high number of crashes that occur along the much of the corridor.


Crash data information from North Ave and Burlington (source: VTrans)

  • When compared to other Burlington streets, North Avenue has experienced more crashes:
    • North Ave: 313 crashes (13 bike or ped)North Ave Crash Types
    • Pine St: 177 crashes (21 bike or ped)
    • Colchester Ave: 251 crashes (13 bike or ped)
    • (not same street type but comparable) Main St: 291 crashes (11 bike or ped)
  • The pilot area on North Ave is a High Crash Section according to VTrans (53 crashes between 2008-2012)

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