What is a “Pilot?”

Simply put, a pilot is a trial run for the community and the city. It helps us catch potential problems and prevent them from escalating, reveals unforeseen challenges, gauges real-world reactions to the project, confirms if we’re ready for permanent implementation, and helps us make better decisions.

As a pilot project, we can test traffic modeling against actual traffic, measure impacts and evaluate activities, take input and learn from experiences, and adjust restriping and intersection changes before any permanent changes are made.

pilot diagram

What is the North Avenue Pilot Project?

We will be testing restriping and intersection changes along North Avenue between North Street and Plattsburg Avenue. As a pilot project, if the restriping and intersection changes are unsuccessful they may be restored to their original configurations.

  • Between Washington St. and Institute Rd. we’ll test narrower travel lanes and buffered, painted bike lanes
  • Between the high school and VT 127 we’ll test narrower travel lanes and trade parking lanes for protected bike lanes
  • In place of 4-lanes we’ll test 3-lanes with bike lanes
  • Between Shore Road and Plattsburg Avenue we’ll test narrower travel lanes and buffered, painted bike lanes
  • At St. Mark’s Church we’ll test parking on the west side of North Avenue, narrower travel lanes, and buffered, painted bike lanes
  • Where bicycle lanes lead into intersections, we’ll test continuous bicycle lanes through the intersection
  • View diagrams of these changes

In addition to the pilot and with grant funding from the Vermont Agency of Transportation, we’ll install five new crosswalks at:

  • Ward Street
  • Burlington College
  • Village Green / Saratoga Avenue
  • Gosse Court
  • Green Acres Drive / Cayuga Court

We’re still evaluating plans to test

  • A 4-way signalized intersection without slip lanes at the VT 127 / Alliance Church,
  • Signalizing Little Eagle Bay in the intersection at Ethan Allen Parkway,
  • A protected bike lane with the on-street parking at St. Mark’s Church,
  • Trees, plantings, and benches along the Avenue.

We’re also still working on potential permanent changes, including:

  • Longer crossing times at intersections
  • Accessible curb ramps
  • “No right turn on red” at some intersections
  • Bicycle-safe drain grates.


draft budget is available on the DPW website. It is estimated that the pilot project will cost approximately $154,000.