This schedule is still in development and may change.

Over the 2015/2016 winter the City and the North Avenue Task Force will complete the project design and finalize the protocols* that will test the pilot.

  • In early spring 2016 the City will solicit bids for restriping and signal improvements.
  • Restriping will begin in spring/summer 2016.
  • The 3-lane configuration will be installed during school’s summer break.
  • Intersection adjustments will be coordinated with the restriping.
  • The installation schedule and duration will be developed with the contractor hired in early spring 2016.
  • To minimize impacts to traffic, restriping will either occur at night or mid-day but not during morning or evening commutes.
  • After restriping is complete we’ll observe, measure, listen* and make minor modifications as needed.
  • Observations, measurements, input, and modifications are likely to continue over winter 2016/2017, pending the results of the pilot study.

The Director of Public Works will consider all measurements, observations, community input*, and staff recommendations when considering any modifications to the pilot and when considering the conclusion of the pilot.

Four months after the pilot project is installed, and again at the conclusion of the project, an update and recommendations from city staff will be presented* to the community at the Public Works Commission and the Transportation, Energy, and Utilities Committee of City Council. To fully measure and observe the pilot changes, this pilot may continue for up to 1-year and will have additional updates and recommendations along the way. This schedule will be finalized based on the input received, observations, and measurements.

*Extensive public input is a foundation of a pilot project – your feedback is vital! Opportunities are still in development but here are ways to share your stories:

  • Come to the North Avenue Task Force meetings or send us a note
  • Come to neighborhood meetings after restriping is complete
  • Contact DPW staff
  • Contact your City Councilors
  • Complete a survey (will be available in 2016)
  • Participate in a randomized survey if you are contacted (will be available in 2016)
  • Come to the 4-month updates at the Public Works Commission and Transportation, Energy, and Utilities Committee
  • More to come! Please sign up for our email list to stay updated, or look for updates in your neighborhood in 2016.